Oh God No: Blade Runner Sequels On The Way

Alcon Entertainment seem to have acquired the rights for sequels and prequels to Blade Runner, because apparently we can’t let classic Harrison Ford films remain untarnished for future generations. Okay, okay, I shan’t be pessimistic but it certainly doesn’t sound too promising, especially considering disasters like Soldier that already tried to include itself in the Blade Runner canon.

The agreement covers everything apart from a remake (so it’s not all bad, if anything) so we could be seeing sequels, prequels and video games soon enough. Little info is available so let’s begin the inevitable internet fan speculation. Will we see a direct sequel with a new actor as Deckard? Would Ford come back (not likely)? Will anybody, including Scott himself, be able to capture the unique mood of the original. And if not, is it even worth placing it in the same universe?



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