The Death Of The Angry Video Game Nerd

Today saw the release of the 100th episode of James Rolfe’s deranged creation AVGN, or Angry Video Game Nerd for long. It’s been five years since the first episode was posted on Youtube and since then Rolfe has become one of the cornerstones of the online reviewing community and been the obvious inspiration for almost anybody who decided to combine swearing, retro games and poor camera quality into one. For better or worse, AVGN has shaped a large chunk of the gaming comedy landscape over the last half-decade and for that he deserves some kind of salute.

AVGN was always a mix of scatological comedy mixed with strange sketch bits, often very over-the-top and inspired by cartoons like old Looney Tunes shorts and Ren & Stimpy. It’s been hit and miss to say the least and the fanbase is fiercely divided on what type of episodes they prefer; some like the more informative and downplayed variant like the CD-i reviews and Castlevaniathon while others are partial to the episodes focusing more on visual comedy and guest characters, such as the Bugs Bunny reviews and his Halloween serials. Personally, I’ve often found myself best enjoying the episodes that manage to blend the two styles together to the best effect, which the 100th episode actually does rather well. Other personal favourites are Die Hard, Dragon’s Lair, Indiana Jones and the two Bible Games specials.

It’s hard not to appreciate the effort and often-decent results, though. Rolfe along with collaborator and artist Mike Matei have made some genuine internet classics, released a whole trough’s worth of DVD and been the inspiration for most of the best reviewers out there today, his theme song (written and performed by Kyle Justin) is a meme in its own right and it’ll have to be a particularly bad apocalypse to erase familiar phrases like “shitload of fuck” and “Cowa-fucking-piece-of-dog-shit!” from our collective internet vocabulary. And that is something which is not nothing, at least.

Watch all 100 AVGN videos spread out over the Youtube channel and on Gametrailers.

You can also visit James Rolfe’s website Cinemassacre where you will also find his other videos and short films.


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