A Podcast With Elbow/Rocky Vs Robocop

Apologies all around for the near-week of dead air but I’m afraid sickness and other unrelated stressed have rusted the cogs of the blog machinery. As I have been recovering I have been listening to my good friend Hannah Smart’s brilliant podcast The Lost Brigade. Originally started as a live radio show on Storm FM, it has now migrated to the no-studio boundaries of the internet in the form of a weekly dose of chat and music.

Last episode is themed around Elbow who just released their latest album Build A Rocket Boys! and it well worth listening to for anybody who is already a Garveyphile or anybody aspiring to be one. Earlier episodes are currently difficult to get but should be available for download soon.

Now that this bit of well-deserved nepotism is over, I leave you with the news that the brilliant Peter Serafinowicz is due to direct a music video for “Open Your Eyes” by Alex Metric & Steve Angello this Thursday and Friday and is looking for extras. Follow this PDF-link if you should be available in the London area and would like to see Rocky and Robocop battle it out. Who am I kidding – everyone wants to see that.


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