Soon You Can Buy Resident Evil 4 – Again!

Capcom is about to please a very particular type of fringe-demographic with their latest announcement: the people who still haven’t played Resident Evil 4. In fact, it’s fair to assume that most people who have played RE4 b4 have also bought it at least twice in any of its previous five dozen incarnations (or at least 10), considering the game was once called a “Gamecube exclusive”. I own it for the Gamecube, the Playstation 2 and the Wii, which is quite impressive for a game it took me two playthroughs before I stopped thinking it was a disappointment. Soon you will be able to buy it all over again for the 360 and PS3 with the impossibly diffuse title “Resident Evil Revival Selection HD Remastered Version.”

Yes, it’s a classic and yes, it could be quite nice to see it in HD and maybe get something out of the online capabilities, but apart from crisper graphics is there any real reason to pay money for this game again? It feels futile to further satirise Capcom and their eagerness to milk their successes, but surely even they must draw the line somewhere. RE4 is a great game, one of the greatest ever, but it was great when we lived it through on the microscopic TVs we had to suffer before HD rolled around and saved our eyes from screens smaller than a single atom cleft in twain.

And that’s not all! Be sure to stay tuned for the 3D version coming out in 2012, brining us a new dimension of fear.


4 Responses to Soon You Can Buy Resident Evil 4 – Again!

  1. Damien Ferne says:

    Well, I ended up getting it, albeit I believe I got it free on PS+.

    What did you think of Resident Evil 6?

    • Rikard says:

      I was no fan of Resident Evil 6, to be honest. 5 was disappointing, especially in single player, but at least it had some kind of solid focus. RE6 just feels like a game struggling to impress absolutely everybody by loading it with every gimmick and popular gameplay mechanic known to mankind. I really think the series needs a stern talking to at this point because it’s getting even more lost and irrelevant than Silent Hill.

      • Damien Ferne says:

        Very similar to what we thought of it. Though I do have a soft spot for 5, especially spamming commands…”thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks”. I really am not much into the mercenaries mode though, I sometimes do miss the err..very solitary serenity of the older survival horror games.

        Now for me, Silent Hill ended at 4. I mean I played Homecoming, and I wanna try the newer one but…2 and 3 are perfect.

      • Rikard says:

        Haha, me and my girlfriend did that too. “You grab it!”, “Guuy need ammo!”

        Totally agree. Everything after 4 has been plain at best and downright horrid at worst. The suite of 2, 3 and 4 are still among my favourite games ever, though.

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