Does It Offend You, Yeah? – Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

DIOYY painted themselves into a bit of a corner with their brilliant debut “You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into” it seems. It was mad, jumping almost seamlessly from Daft Punkian house via guitar-heavy grime metal to melody-driven power-pop, often sounding like a split-LP made by four separate bands from vastly different musical backgrounds. And despite this, it still managed to avoid sounding fragmented or lacking identity. It was eclectic and it’s schizophrenic delivery made perfect sense in context. But where do you go when you’ve already gone everywhere at once?

It had to happen. They had to go nuts to go anywhere at all. Almost everything that made “You Have No Idea How Annoying These Long Album Titles Are To Type Out” so glamorously insane  and insanely good is still here in plentiful supply but it’s been hypercharged since last time. The beats are grimier, the riffs are heavier, the vocals are louder and the melodies are catchier. “Don’t Say…” is an intense experience to say the least, especially due to the causalities the production must have suffered in the Loudness War. Seriously, it sometimes hurts to listen to with headphones if you’re too careless with that volume knob. Everything is louder and bigger and grander and more monstrous than last time, and the only price was that the red thread holding all their disparate elements together snapped like a dead twig.

The heavy is heavier and the soft is softer and somewhere along the line the curtains seized to match the carpet, as it were. There is a good deal of decent songwriting here but you won’t find a “Dawn Of The Dead” or “We Are Rockstars” among this bunch, which would be an unfair comparison had the album retained the same sense of maniacal structure as its predecessor. As it is, it lacks the flow of a cohesive album and this forces the songs to stand up to scrutiny more on their individual merit than before, and they don’t quite measure up as well as hoped. “We Are The Dead“, “Pull Out My Insides” and the Prodigyesque “John Hurt” are proof as good as any that “You Have No Idea…” was no fluke, but I miss a few real stand-out “oh shit” moments. Everything’s a bit over-considered and under-cooked, but when it comes down to it, this is still a gratifying and fun album, just not as expertly crooked as their previous. Those second albums, eh?


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