I Made An Album

You may have noticed how my online presence have been somewhat limited the past month or so. I apologise for this as it has been no intention to leave anybody in the dark as for my whereabouts. The truth is I have been neglecting my writing about games, music and such in order to make something of my own, which is now complete and ready for anybody to pass their judgement.

That thing is my new album Ooroo made under my weird moniker Imhotep Is Invisible which you can listen to right here:

What is it then? It’s six tracks totalling just under 50 minutes of ambient, electronic droning noise. I’ve always been a fan of dark ambient artists like Kammarheit, Raison d’Être and Sephiroth to name a handful and the footprints they left on me can surely be spotted in my work. I am a complete amateur and most of this is built up of sampling, distorting and feebly trying to create some sort of order in the chaotic. I’m not sure it worked but I’m still proud of the damned thing. I sincerely hope you’ll like it and if you didn’t notice it’s up for FREE download right now at this link. Listen and let me know what the hell you reckon!

Props should go out to my boys in Starship Amazing for letting me create an entire track solely out of various snippets and samples from their songs. That track is opener “Then They Handed You A Gun” and one of my own favourites. I hope they and you aren’t too fussed with my blasphemy.

So now I hope to return to some kind of semi-regular updating schedule. As I’m broke as a farmer with slim pigs, I won’t be able to buy, play and subsequently review many games in the near future, namely Portal 2, but I hope to be able to provide some sort of entertainment regardless. You lot deserve it.


Why You Should Care About: Robot Science

Charlie Yin made two related decisions in 2009; firstly he decided to adopt the moniker Robot Science and then he decided to use this secret identity to serve the good cause. That particular cause being to provide the world with excellent, dreamy electronica, which has so far resulted in three albums in as many years, despite the world stubbornly refusing to heed this generosity. It’s about time that changed which is why you should care about Robot Science.

At it’s core, RS is bubbly, ambient and joyful electronica. Over the course of three albums (Doodads, Square and most recently Good Luck), Yin has carved out a distinctiveness for the dream-like soundscape. There is a softness in the melodies and drums which bring to mind some late 90’s chill music but with a larger emphasis on song structure and emotion. Doodads is the best example of the trope, the songs are based on a trainload of memorable melodies set against an almost ambient backdrop, reminding me of early ATB. Good Luck, released in January 2011, is a more glitchy and seemingly house-inspired product than previous albums and feels more rhythm-focused but is also Yin’s best sounding album to date. The scope is larger and the layering is beautiful, building on top of the blobby textures of Square. It makes me think of Kleerup, Röyksopp and occasionally Basement Jaxx, but the whole is still very much distinctively Robot Science.

If you’d like to hear more an buy the full albums then do so at the Bandcamp.

Also pay a visit to the official Facebook, Myspace and Twitter.

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